Friday, December 23, 2011

Whoop Whoop-a!!!

I'm zooming around our cheery, albeit messy, little blue house and my Roo dog is not helping me speed up the process of packing.

I worked this morning and I know this is corny, but every day that I am healthy and able to use my legs and arms and work outside, I feel so blessed.

I am bursting with secrets from so many different people that I may combust. You never know, it could happen. Plus, my darling man in his darling-ness told me that I'm darling. Therefore, I am in a darling mood.

Adrian and I are watching Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris again right now and rocks. You should watch it. Like right now.

Tomorrow night my family and I will be watching White Christmas with Bing Crosby like we do every year, and Charlie Brown's Christmas...which is a new tradition.

The new year is around the corner and all the joys and pitfalls and trials and triumphs stretch out before us like freshly fallen snow on a dirt road. I'm excited for what's to come, are you?

I hope all of you have a blessed and joyful Christmas with people you love and care about, be they family or not.

xo xo Liz


  1. Merry Christmas Liz! Enjoy all of your family and can't wait to hear from you again -

  2. Hi young lady. I don't know how often you check your blog, but I saw a blue tin cowgirl. Bathtub for sale on ebay with oak trim. Its not heavy like the cast iron ones so you young folks could move it around with you. I hope I got the link right and a happy new year to you buckaroo girls.-Sage