Monday, July 18, 2011

We Don't Speak Your Language

Some of you gals who follow us here on Buckaroo Barbie, might rodeo or travel quite a bit. If so, you might relate to some of the common sayings and questions you might hear when traveling with the Brannan sisters....

"Did I just turn on ANOTHER one way street?!"

"Hey, do you have a clean knife to cut up the cheese with? Cuz I sure don't..."

"What time are you supposed to sing at tonight?" "How the hell should I know....I thought this gig wasn't until next week!"

"Is this even a road?"

"Here's your dinner..." "Bite me...I'm not eating another PB&J tonight!!"

"We're gonna get lost." "I bet you a whole silver dollar we don't get lost." "HAHAHA"

"Why is there baby powder under my seat?" "Relax, it's for riding broncs."

Adrian waving hands in the air...."WHAT are you doing?" "I love interactive songs like Nelly's."

Famous last words: "Let's go another way!"

"We're getting pulled over AGAIN."

"Can I make this corner with the trailer?"

"There's a knife in my purse....but I roached a dead stud with it....and some other stuff."

"If you turn that song on one more time I'm gonna punch you in the ear." Volume adjustment on radio..."SMACK"

"'re not gonna pick a fight with that trucker - you fight like a hamster."

"ROAD!! You have to actually watch the road!!"

"Where are we?" "Do you mean on the road or on the map?"

"Do we have a flat!?!" "Geez just drove over a curb."

"I hate it when you drive."

"You're the best traveling partner ever."

Hope you guys got a giggle out of our silliness....and we'd love to hear about some of your road-trip adventures!

xo xo Liz

Photo Credit: Liz Brannan


  1. i used to travel covering every horse sale in washing ton oregon and half of montana and idaho. with an old man that listened to nothing but the oldies...i have Country Bumpkin memorized still. LOved the road and the horses i rode, being home only 2 days a month meant still riding horses to get ready for the next month. Love this blog, you two are way entertaining you wouldve fit in just right with us if we couldve all fit in the truck. Trust me the map deal dont work too well, i've circled the whole mtn of Ranier with 15 head of horses in the trailer and still made it just in time to saddle and ride into the ring that night. fun times.

  2. Love these!!!!! Have to fwd to my sis!!!! Xoxxo

  3. Crystal, us old men were young once and running around with little hotties who are your mothers and grandmothers! We listen to those 'old' songs because they are from when WE were young and in love! My mother never bought pretties for herself because she had 6 kids that came first. She would run into J.C. Penny store once a month while my father circled the block with a truck load of kids. Us old people paid our dues and remember you will be old someday too!