Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Afternoon Talk with Nancy Martiny

Artist, gear maker and Buckaroo Barbie of the week, Nancy Martiny talks a little about her craft and what it means, in her own words, to be a cowboy-girl.


Nancy was fortunate to live close to a master saddle maker, Dale Harwood. She always knew what a top quality saddle looked like and knew what she was aspiring to for her own craftsmanship.

In 1987, Nancy received two saddle trees made by Todd and Dale Harwood. In Dale's spare time, he would help Nancy through the steps of building her first saddle. About a year later, armed with a notebook filled with Dale's teaching, she used the second tree to build a saddle for her kids. Orders from friends and family started the saddlemaking career. Today, Nancy has a successful home business based out of the family ranch in May, Idaho.


"I'm out there with the cattle, horses....with the wild flowers. I have 1st hand experience and live models of the lifestyle I am trying to portray in leather." Using the products that she builds helps her to have functional knowledge of what works and what needs some adjustments.


"As far as being a woman in a man's world....I never think of it like that. I cowboy and make saddles because I want to. Not to show anyone that I can. I never saw saddle making as a job that women couldn't do. People tend to think that a woman isn't strong enough to build a saddle. That just simply isn't true. Saddle making is not physically demanding. It requires skill and finesse with your tools. I try to do the best work that I can and follow the best examples I can. Dedication to ALWAYS improving, at any craft is what makes you successful."
Photo Credit: Nancy Martiny

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Photo Credit: Nancy Martiny

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