Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Interview | Chelsea Barney

When we profile a girl here on Buckaroo Barbie, we want to showcase women who are not only good hands, but women who constantly strive to better themselves and uplift and encourage their fellow women to actively chase after their dreams.  

Chelsea Barney is exactly one of those women.

She grew up as the only girl on her family’s ranch in Central California, riding, competing and says she was probably the only student at the private Catholic school she attended whose punishment at home was having to wake up at 4:30am and drive tractors. Her mother is a hunter/jumper horse trainer and Chelsea entered her first horse show at the ripe old age of 4 years old. She says that from that moment on, she was hooked. She graduated from Cal Poly University with a degree in Agribusiness and managed an equestrian center in Carmel Valley for 3 years. There, she not only oversaw one of the cattle-grazing programs and managed the overall health and care of 40 plus horses at the barn, she also hosted horse camps for kids aged 6-16.

Chelsea is dating reining cow horse trainer and cowboy Clayton Edsall, who just competed at the World’s Greatest Horseman in Ft. Worth, Texas. Adrian and I watched the whole thing live online, and it was so fun to hear Chelsea hollering for him in the background. She says she’s really looking forward to competing with him this year…seriously, I think she’s a BA. But I’ll let you discover that on your own ;)

Chelsea and a friend just recently partnered on an online boutique that features small artisans from the USA with unique pieces. It’s called A Cowgirl’s Promise, check it out!!

What makes home home is…Being around my family, friends, my dog and horses. When they are around, no matter where we are, I’m at home.

If I could achieve anything in the world it would be…To someday be blessed with a family of my own and raise some great horses.

The one piece of advice I would give to girls who are interested in the cowboy world is…Be proud of who you are and own it! Be open to new ideas, but never compromise your morals and beliefs. Knowing and respecting yourself, while recognizing your strengths and weaknesses, is a great foundation for achievement. Oh, and don’t be afraid to work hard and get a little dirty. : )

My most prized possession is…My grandfather’s ring. His mother (who was one tough cowgirl), gave it to him when he returned from WWII. In his later years, he gave it to my mother who had it resized, and then gifted it to me. I never go a day without it. It means so much to me and is a constant symbol of strength, honor, and pride. My grandfather was one of my heroes and wearing his ring reminds me to keep my morals high and my will strong.

As a kid I was always…In the barn or riding a horse. You would rarely find my brothers and me inside the house. We were raised in the barn and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

My favorite non-cowboy activity is…Shopping. I love shopping. Some might say that I have a slight problem but that’s neither here nor there, I just like to shop...for anyone and everyone, at anytime. I’m just as content shopping in a feed store as I am in a boutique.

I knew I was on the right track in life when…Hannah (a 12-year-old girl that I gave riding lessons to), showed me the homework assignment that she did on someone who had influenced her life. She wrote how I had influenced her to be a strong and graceful young lady. She talked about how she learned valuable horsemanship skills through me, but also gained confidence in herself and an appreciation for other. Knowing that I’ve done something to positively influence another person, especially a young girl, is more valuable than any prize or monetary success.

My ideal day would include…Being woken up to a fresh cup of coffee made by Clayton. He makes the best coffee. Riding my horses, and learning something new or going on an adventure – big or small, I love new adventures. Ending the day with a home cooked meal surrounded by family and friends, with good food, good wine, rich dessert and great stories!

My favorite cocktail is…A glass of red wine – preferably a good Cabernet or Pinot Noir.

If I could be friends with anyone in the world, dead or alive, it would be….Betty White. She’s hilarious.

My favorite beauty product is…SoftLips Vanilla Lip Hydration. I always keep at least one or two with me. It’s the best!

I’m not afraid of failure, and am focused on growth and trying. I’m just as comfortable wearing my boots, covered in hay while doctoring a horse as I am hosting an event in a dress and high heels…and that’s what makes me a Buckaroo Barbie!  


  1. This was so wonderful! :)

  2. Thank you so much Anon, we were so thrilled to have her on Buckaroo Barbie! Such an honor :)