Friday, November 20, 2015

Follow Friday

I can feel the satisfaction building up deep within my gut where I store all the words….I’ve written all day long despite feeling like I’m fighting off the flu and after a 3-hour nap I am almost feeling Liz-like again.

What are your plans for this evening/weekend? Tonight I’m going to watch the first Mockingjay movie in my coziest sweats and dream of a day in the future where one can simply snap one’s fingers and a pizza will appear.

Have a good weekend and here’s some awesome people/movies/songs/artists oh just things you should check out from around the great big cyber world…but seriously....CHECK THEM OUT.

Grab a box of tissues for this commercial!! IT'S SO GOOD! (What's up with all the caps tonight, btw?)

Any photographers, food stylists, or writers in the house? Check out Acorn Magazine and do yourself a favor and follow their Instagram page as well. Just yum.

Pink Martini fan?? Here's a list of their upcoming shows.....

As someone who really enjoyed the books and is a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence, I cannot wait to see Mocking Jay Part 2.

THIS rosemary-caramel apple pie recipe is brilliant and as resident pie maker, I'm making this next week. Bam.

Into nail art? Then you definitely need to pay attention to what this lady is doing.

If you're trying to learn a language OTHER than English then I highly recommend downloading this app....

I bought this. You should buy this. Also, follow her on Instagram and be amused by her snarky comments and badass photos. You're welcome. 

xo xo Liz


  1. I've managed to catch a lovely cold, watched our first snow blow in from the north, and made a lovely kale, potato and Italian sausage soup so the hubs would have something warm to eat after building our new catch pens! Cant wait to see what Sunday brings!! Great links by the way. Cannot wait to see the new Hunger Games!!!! You will need to write a review of it I’m curious if it does the final chapters justice.

    1. Sounds like an incredibly cozy day! :) Thanks for checking the links out....and I'm curious as well to see what they do with the ending....breathless with anticipation! :)

  2. oh my goodness I saw that commercial recently and I teared up. haha what a sap. ;) thanks for sharing! It's so good to have you back =) You and your sister are absolute inspirations and encouragements!