Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tipsy Tuesday | Harvey WallBangers AKA The Mum's Screwdrivers

I know that this is really an incredibly easy drink to make. It may be the mixologist’s equivalent of kindergarten, but it was the first mixed drink I ever learned to make and order, so it has a special place in my heart.

My mums has always called screwdrivers “Harvey WallBangers” and the only reason I can figure that she does that is because she is Scottish, which makes her weird. Although she would be weird even if she wasn’t Scottish.

WARNING: Drinking too many of these might cause you to fall down a steep flight of stairs, break a guitar and your wrist, and then cause you to decide to go build a fort in a blizzard at 11pm. Not that this has happened to me, my sister, or my cousin one stormy night long ago. No, not at all.

Warning #2 for you punchy buckaroo types: I’m not talking about the lead off man for the outfit you’re working for when I say jigger. In the world of mixology (a big drinking club!!), a jigger is a measuring device that equals about 3 tablespoons. Now you know. Although, if you’re a cowboy you probably know all terminology related to alcohol, and this is old news.

Orange Juice
Glass of ice

Fill glass with ice. Duh. Add one jigger of vodka. Fill rest of glass with orange juice, give her a quick stir and down the hatch!!

*Adrian and I would both like to take a minute and say that if you are underage or just not into drinking….don’t drink! We have both gone through years where we have not had a single drink and you shouldn’t feel like you have to in order to “fit in” or be cool, whatever the heck that means. When we go out and we’re not drinking, we quietly order a 7-Up and cranberry juice. That way our friends don’t feel like we’re no fun and we have something to sip on. Stand for what you believe in, no matter what.

xo xo Liz 

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