Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Who Is Buckaroo Barbie And What Does It Mean???

Welcome to Buckaroo Barbie!! 

We've gotten so many new subscribers and followers the last little while that we felt that an introduction was in order! 

We are the Brannan Sisters.

We are best friends, sisters, adventurers, business partners, cowboy-girls, artists, writers, entrepreneurs and oh…so much more.

Liz braids rawhide, used to cowboy for the Van Norman Ranch in Northeastern NV, and is now a freelance writer (read a recent article in The Indie Chicks HERE). She also has a major addiction to high-heels and red lipstick. Adrian quills traditional Native American flatwork, officially retired from riding ranch broncs in the spring of 2012 and is a western/folk singer with 3 albums to her name. She also has a major vintage clothing fetish and is rarely seen without false eyelashes. 

Being a Buckaroo Barbie is about becoming all that you can be, taking charge of your life and chasing down your dreams and making them come true. Adrian became a recording artist with a full career at the age of 14. Liz cowboyed for a ranch that had never hired a woman outside of family before. Our dreams came true and we’re watching other dreams we have coming true, thanks to our Buckaroo Barbie outlook on life. We believe in the power of positive thinking, in setting goals and in working your cute little ass off. We believe in you and think that part of being a Buckaroo Barbie is helping others others reach their full potential.

Buckaroo Barbies are an intriguing mixture of tough and soft, strength and grace, cowboy and fashionista. They are known to wear boots with their pearls, but they also know that the most beautiful attribute any woman can have is the beauty and class of her heart and soul. Buckaroo Barbies love to be outside, their animals and wide open spaces. A Buckaroo Barbie also loves being a girl. She enjoys fashion and beauty and the finer things in life…be they good food, fine wine or cars and trucks. 

She’s part wild-child and part good-girl….she is Buckaroo Barbie! 

We hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet, please subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel!

xo xo Elizabeth & Adrian 

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  1. so i have a question i would like to ask:
    do you know if adrian will be coming back to
    heber for cowboy poetry this this year?