Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Want To Live Between Chaos And Wild Success

I want to live dangerously,
On the edge,
Teetering between chaos and wild success.

I want to cry,
To better understand the pain,
And laugh with delirium to spread joy.

I want it all, and at the same time
I am terrified of the responsibility.

I want to inspire,
To be the reason someone says,
“Because of her, I did not give up.”

I want to set the words free that press so insistently against my heart,
To hear the magpies singing in my brain
And truly know their words.

I want to care about things that matter,
All the while sipping champagne for breakfast,
As if I was foot loose and fancy free.

I want to talk and dance and party and eat good food,
Read difficult books,
And understand the secrets of the world.

I want to actually listen to what my horses are trying to tell me,
And I want to improve and improve and improve,
Until I am no longer in their way.

I want to wear 6-inch Christian Louboutins with my cowboy hat,
And not have other cowboy-girls automatically think that
I can’t rope because of my shoes.

I want to feel fingers combing through my hair,
Threading secrets that only we know,
Into the braids.

I want dirt from foreign countries to dirty the soles of my boots,
The friendships I make comforting,
Like change clinking in my pocket.

I want it all and I want nothing,
I want to live dangerously,
On the edge,

Teetering between chaos and wild success.

xo xo Elizabeth


  1. i just read this and i like it
    very much, thanks.
    happy new year liz.

    1. Thank you for reading Mason!! Just so you know, I'll be doing a post in the VERY near future on horse gear and how to get started braiding, it just took me a while to find my braiding box! Got buried in all the madness from moving :)

    2. sweet, i very excited to see that post.
      you know even though we met only once,
      i hope we can be friends.

  2. Wow... well said

  3. Well Liz, I just want you to know that you and Adrian are two of the most inspiring women I've ever "met". (I'd like to meet y'all sometime but for now your blogs just fill me.) That's a very beautiful poem you wrote!

    1. Oh gosh, thank you so much Wenya!! We'd love to meet you some day as well, fingers crossed it happens soon! :) Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoy this little corner of the internet :)