Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Best Of December From Instagram

So. I had this totally AWESOME blog post I was going to film for you Dolls first thing this morning, but then two things happened that threw a monkey wrench in my plans. About 2am, Roo woke me up whining in pain and wouldn’t settle down until sometime after 5am and then we spent several hours at the vet’s with her. I HATE vet offices. I think I hate them more than the animals do, actually. And then later this afternoon I had a little stress attack. In a shop. In public. Surrounded by lots of people. It was awesome. NOT. And then a friend backed into our neighbor's truck and dented the door. Lovely. All of that messed up my plans for filming but there’s nothing you can do except laugh it off and decide that tomorrow will be better! So, if you have had a crappy day (or year) just know that you are not alone and that tomorrow is another chance and a fresh beginning. 

Laugh it off Doll, just laugh it off. 

Without further ado, here is the best of December from Instagram from mine and Adrian's and accounts. Enjoy! Don’t forget to follow us and say “Hi!” if you’re on Instagram by the way, we’re super friendly.

xo xo Elizabeth 

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