Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why We Love Texas, Heels and Ryan Bingham

Good Evening, Dolls!! I seriously did not realize what a damper having my computer crash would put on my life….but crash it did last week! I had no idea how much I use it for silly things, but not being able to post here on Buckaroo Barbie was awful. I miss you all too much when I’m gone! My computer is fixed, cleaned (the tech people told me they literally had never seen that much dog hair INSIDE a computer before. They obviously don’t live with a Jack Russell.), and is in my possession once again. 

Deep sigh of relief. Learn from my mistakes and make sure to back your computer up regularly and at least email whatever current project you’re working on to yourself so you save yourself a lot of angst and tears.

Adrian returned from a week of singing in Texas on Monday, she always has the best of times down south. You can’t IMAGINE the amount of crap she gets from people who think she is a sell out for supporting the WRCA (The Working Ranch Cowboy Association) as much as she does. The thing is, Adrian and I like people based on their characters and how they treat us and other people, NOT based on their hat shape or the type of gear they use. I’ve accompanied Adrian several times to WRCA events and the reason that Adrian keeps returning and believes in it, is that they all work very hard to put on a first class act, they have never acted towards us with anything but respect, and they don’t talk trash about their Northern cowboy brothers. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time around people like that? 

You have to choose your friends wisely, because who you spend time around is ultimately who you become. 

I don’t care if you ride a llama in an English saddle, if you’re a nice person we’re going to be friends! Society today is so hard on the cowboy world that you’d think we wouldn’t care who shapes their hat what way and who ropes with a longer rope….each region uses the gear and styles of working stock that they do for a reason….the terrain and animals there dictate that. Just putting that out there so it’s all cleared up why Adrian and I like the WRCA and all our friends down south…they’re good people. We like nice people. The end.

Thanks to a very kind friend of Adrian’s, we got the chance last night to attend a Ryan Bingham concert in Santa Ynez and IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! We had so much fun going on a girl’s night out and it was such a treat to attend a concert with Adrian sitting beside me the whole time, instead of her being out on stage. We got dressed separately and came out in different versions of the same outfit. We both chose black shirts, a bold red lip and heels…Adrian wore vintage Paul Bond cowboy boots and I wore my new Michael Kors. 

The Buckaroo and The Barbie 
Michael Kors and Paul Bonds...heels, heels, heels!
Sitting in the 2nd row was such a treat! 

The Maverick in Santa Ynez is such an awesome venue, I can’t wait to go back for a concert where the floor is cleared and I can kick up my dancing heels. Right before the show began, I managed to push my way to the very crowded bar and attempted to catch the bartenders eye. Not happening. I ended up waiting around next to a super cute girl in a palm leaf and after chatting a bit, I discovered she trains hunter jumper horses in Santa Ynez and Santa Barbra and her boyfriend is a local cowboy. We had a great discussion on how much both disciplines (cowboys/western riders and English riders), can learn from each other. I’ve wanted to start jumping for some time now, and since we hit it off so well I’m really looking forward to taking some lessons from her! I’ll let you know how it goes!

I feel like this is the most random post ever, but I’ve missed you all so much I had to catch you up on what has been going on. Tell me things, Dolls….I’m hungry for news!

Oh by the way, did you know that in less than 6 weeks Christmas will be upon us? OH MY GOSH, I am totally not prepared. Let the games begin!!

xo xo Liz  


  1. Hello!
    I love both of your outfits! And I love Ryan Bingham. I actually only started listening to him because you posted once that you were sitting enjoying his music, and my Mom told me how awesome he is!

    1. Hi Hannah!! Oh my gosh, I love that!! And thank you so much! I'm so glad you checked him out and that you like him! Whenever you get the chance go see him in concert, he's amazing live!

  2. Oh what a wonderful evening you two must have had together! I learned to jump when I was 12, and loved it. Even though my dad's cowhorse was wildy confused at the things I asked of him! My jumping career tragically ended with me in a hospital sporting a neck brace though. I was too scared for years to try again, but I think it'd be grand fun to try again someday, on a real jumper. I Love to jumping, horses clearing fences that require them to be almost perpendicular with the ground is simply phenomenal! I hope you love it!

    1. Oh my gosh, Amanda! That's so scary! I don't blame you for being hesitant for getting back on! It does look like such fun though :)

  3. I did some jumping when I was younger and showing in the Pacific was super intimidating at first but so much fun when I got the hang of it. I LOVED riding and showing English.

    1. I love how many people have turned up that I would have never suspected of riding English or jumping! I can't wait to try it!