Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Dare You To Change

As soon as you let go of the unhealthy things in your life, the negative people and the "wrong-for-you-loves," you almost instantly feel like a new person. 

You look forward to your life with the old excitement and joy that you didn't remember losing. 

When you let go on of the things that are bad for you, almost instantly you start dreaming about the hopes you had quietly given up on. You probably didn't even realize you were doing it. 

I held onto something unhealthy for WAY too long, simply because it was familiar. It happened so slowly and quietly that I almost didn't notice what was going on....I started thinking about myself the way that person thought of me, and most frightening of all, I stopped writing. That scared me. Thankfully, as soon as I made the decision that I deserve the best of the best in all my relationships, the words came pouring back. 

If you're in a place that you know is not good for you, but you stay because it's familiar, 
Leave Now. 

If you're with someone who doesn't treat you like you hung the moon and the stars,
 Remove Yourself. 

If you're friends with a crowd that drags you down just because you've always hung out with them, 
Leave Immediately. 

Get rid of the things in your life that you know are bad for you and have the courage to make your life the most inspiring, exciting story you can dream up. You have so many possibilites and experiences waiting for you once you release the negative.

Do it. 

You'll be glad you did.  

xo xo Liz 


  1. <3 <3 <3 Thanks Liz!!!! I kind of needed to hear this!!!

    Gussie Lou

  2. As a recovering addict, I can totally relate to this post. For so many years, I stayed in a life of complete self destruction. I knew I wanted out, was even given the opportunity to get out more than once, but a better life was so unfamiliar and foreign to me, I ran from it before I ever even got to find out how awesome it was. I think part of my problem was that I had been beat down for so many years by someone who didn't even deserve to be in the same room with me, much less be in a relationship with me, I felt like I did not deserve anything better.

    I've been clean for 10 years now, and am so grateful everyday that I finally was able to rise above all of "that" and start reaching for the stars. I really like who I am today.