Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Second Chances and Bonds On My Feet

Second chances are amazing gifts. I've posted this before, but I have a tendency to be horribly mean to the person who inspired it. I have a chance to be their friend again, and I'm so glad they're back in my life. Please forgive me my rambling, but if you have a chance to right a wrong that you made, do it now without waiting another minute! I wish I hadn't let my pride and the fear of NOT being forgiven hold me back for as long as it did. 


Tan hands and sunburnt cheeks

Two pairs of Bonds leaning by the door

Work jeans cuffed, bare feet tiptoeing off the freshly scrubbed floor

It’s shivering cold at night and baby please hold me warm
70’s shag carpets and lights that don’t work

It’s finally learning to shape a shoe just right
It’s the first job in town

Coming home late and tired at night
It’s breakfast at 3am

And crying in the shower

It’s new Tip’s saddles and soft
“I ordered this silver for you”

Axe body wash and vanilla spice spray

It’s ham and cheese grilled sandwiches

And branding

And calving

And fighting

And crying

And growing….

It’s life

xo xo Liz


  1. Very nice Liz! Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, but not always an easy thing to do.

  2. Don't forget the tomato soup! :-)

    Mr. J. Jam ...

  3. Beautiful words, always relevant.

    Over the last 6 months I've done a lot of forgiving, seeking forgiveness and inner reflection. It is terrifying, as you say, to just go to that person and apologize. The fear is nothing compared to the relief of realizing that we are all human and this IS life. There is also great relief in letting go of grudges. I think we're all realizing there is a lot of relief in consciously growing and learning?!

    We all make mistakes, but the growth and forgiveness that come with those mistakes is well worth it.

    Have a great weekend :)


  4. This is a great little poem! You wrote it right?