Thursday, April 25, 2013

Early Morning Note to Myself

Wake up.

Grab your cell phone and check the time.

Groan in disbelief when you drop it on your face.

Pray for the ones you love and then pray again.

Slide out of the bed so you don't disturb the little sister sleeping next to you.

Shut the window that's letting in so much cold air and shuffle off in search of that elixir of

Curl up with a blanket, a notepad and pen and write until you're dry. Do it even if you don't want to, and do it especially when you feel like you have no words inside you.

Decide to choose joy for this day.

Take a deep breath, and think about that person you want to be and decide to do something today that will take you closer to that person.


Use kind words.

Ask for forgiveness when you don't use kindness.

Love those around you and love them with your actions, not just your words.

Never give up, no matter how desperate it may seem.

Surround yourself with people, music, books and art that inspire you to be an even better version of you.

And above all things, be authentic to yourself.

xo xo Liz


  1. I sure needed this today. Thank you for the reminders. You're an incredible person, Liz, I must say. Your honesty is a testament to your character. <3

    1. Oh wow, thank you so much Anon!! I needed that pick-me-up today!! Hugs!

  2. What a lovely little "love note" to yourself, Liz! I am just catching up on all of the blog posts I've missed since we moved (it has been no easy task) and must say that I'm happy to catch a post or two from you whenever you have new ones!

    Hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly when we get internet at the bunkhouse in the coming weeks. Until then... I'll just have to sit myself down with good old fashioned pen & paper. When we moved I realized I had decent-sized box of clippings, scribbled notes and beautiful journals to pour my thoughts into. Time to get to work?!

    Have a good weekend!


    1. How exciting for you Jessy!! Oh and going through old clippings and notes is soo much fun! I hope you get all settled in and that you love where you are! Hugs!

  3. Wow, that was beautiful thank you for writing :)