Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Time

If it hadn't been for the posts of my friends on Facebook, the fact that today is the first day of Spring would have completely passed me by! Which actually makes me disgusted with myself. Insert me snorting in disgust (here).

I take my math final on Friday and then sweet relief, I'm free!! Happy Dance!

Until the next semester, that is.

When I first got sick, I had a really hard time allowing myself to A) be sick, and B) let people help me. I wanted to do it all by myself, even if that meant I'd get sicker, feel crappier and make my entire family frustrated with me. I can be alarmingly like a toddler learning to feed itself.

I'm hard headed. But I've slowly been learning to listen to my body, swallow my pride and let people help me so that I can do more things on days I don't feel so great.

Lyme disease is weird, one day I can be feeling great, go for run, do pushups, ride, do homework, braid some rawhide and then BAM, not be able to walk by myself the next day. And then I can be back up and at it again the very next day. I'm hoping to make it to a friend's branding this weekend and because I haven't been feeling too hot lately, I've been taking it easy.

Which means that on this glorious first day of spring, I went for a little ride with Adrian. Not the long, "training" adventure I wanted, because hopefully I'm finally starting to carry learning forward and me babying myself today will make it so I can brand later. Sigh. Sometimes it takes me a long time to learn an easy lesson.

So my little sister was incredibly kind, caught and saddled my fat man and let me go on a short little ride around. And it was a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of spring. As are the storm clouds hovering in the background...come on rain!!

Sometimes when Adrian sings I have to do a little fist pump.

Does anyone else do that? You finally learn a lesson that you had been bashing your head against for the longest time, and realize that it wasn't that hard to begin with?!

xo xo Liz 


  1. I loved the picture of you two riding down the road together!!!! :) It snowed this morning here!!! Me and mother nature are going to box if she doesn't bring some of that gorgeous California weather this way, LOL!! ;)

    1. Bahahaha Well I'd put my money on you over ANYONE any day of the week!!!! She was rapping for me so I had to do a little fist pump! :)

  2. I Love the pictures! Looks like it was perfect outside! It definitely did not feel like spring here yesterday. I was taking my Plant Genetics final when I happened to look outside, the rain was blowing sideways and the trees were trying their hardest not to break. Thought Dorothy was flying in for a visit! I think all of us at some point don't like to admit that the answer is right in front of us. It takes time to realize the easy things :)

    1. Yikes, Plant Genetics sounds absolutely terrifying!! I took my math final today, whoop whoop!! Freedom!! Spring always acts like a tease! :)

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