Thursday, March 14, 2013

Checklist For A Successful Spring

If you want things in your life to be different, you can’t do things the same way you’ve always done them. I look forward to periods of my life that seem light years away and think to myself, “Oh by that point I’ll feel different. I won’t get nervous talking to people or I’ll be in better shape or when faced with a challenge, I’ll be so confident I won’t get embarrassed!” HA HA!! I make myself laugh. I can’t expect for things to feel or BE different, unless I continuously test myself and create change in my enviorment. This is my checklist to having a life changing spring. What’s on yours??

You Will Need:

An adventurous heart.

A tough attitude (ability to handle constructive criticism).

The decision to not give up, no matter how hopeless or hard things seem.

Trying something that is challenging enough to you that it scares your pants off. 
Figuratively, of course.

A group of people to surround yourself with that are kind, talented and uplifting. 
Spend time around people that you want to be like!

Learn to cook something completely new. I am a foodie, I think about what I’m going to eat basically all day long, so if this is weird, forget I said anything.

Learn a new skill. Learn to team rope, barrel race, braid rawhide, make saddles, paint, play an instrument, learn a language….something, anything!

Muscles are sexy. Muscles help you burn off more fat. 
Muscles make you look amazing in clothes or out of ‘em! Lift heavy weights!

Forgiveness. For yourself and the mistakes you will make and 
to others that will hurt you along the way.

This is my checklist, what is on yours?

xo xo Liz


  1. Mine are learn to rope again, and play this guitar i have had sitting in my closet for years! Improve my singing voice and take a road trip through Nevada but not end up in Vegas!

    1. Oh good for you Jenn! I sometimes try and get Adrian to teach me how to play but I'm HOPELESS at it! hahahaha Sounds like you're going to have a great summer! :)

  2. This is such a great checklist, Liz - it's hard to believe spring is already upon us! I need to make one of my own before the warm days are here to stay and hurrying past!


    1. Hey thank you Jessy! I know, that's what happens to me every year, I have all these great ideas and plans and then I look up and the time has already gone! :)

  3. I am both pumped and not at all pumped for summer. Its starting out with knee surgery, so I won't get to do much for the first half. But I plan on perfecting my dummy roping skills and starting my huge jean quilt. I've also been told that while I'm out of commission, I should learn how to make something. Then when I'm off of non-op, there's fence to be built, range to be checked, calves to rope and barrels to chase!

    1. Holy Crap Amanda!! That stinks! I'm so sorry, but hopefully it will all be worth it and you'll be as good as new when you're healed up! :) The rest of your summer sounds pretty fantastic though, have to admit! :)