Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Liebster Award!

So I've been looking forward to this post all week! Buckaroo Barbie was nominated for the Liebster Award by Emily from Fuhriman Ranch, Mindy from Rodeo Tales & Gypsy Trails and Josie from Wild & Wooly....thank you so much ya'll!!

The Liebster award is given to "newer" blogs that have 200 or less followers to help bring awareness to up and coming blogs! The rules are as follows:

  1. You must post 11 random facts about yourself.
  2. You must answer the questions the nominator set for you.
  3. You must create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
  4. You must choose 5-10 blogs that you love (with less than 200 followers), link them to your post and let them know they were nominated. 
  5. No tag backs. 

11 Random Facts About Us

  1. We drink about 20 cups of very strong, very sweet, hot tea a day. 
  2. We consider pizza to be its very own food group. One week, Liz ate an entire pizza a day by herself. Num, num, nummy. :) 
  3. We talk to our horses and dogs in weird, squeaky voices.
  4. Liz worked for reining cow-horse trainer Jay McLaughlin when she was 17. It was a really challenging and rewarding experience. Our dad quit her job for her though because she wasn't coming home when she was supposed to and was getting behind in her school work....oops!!! 
  5. Adrian started riding ranch broncs when she turned 18 and dang near got kicked out of the house because the mums was NOT happy about it. 
  6. We are best friends. 
  7. We believe that joy is a choice, not an emotion. 
  8. We cuss like sailors. We wish we didn't, but we do :( 
  9. Liz HATES elevators. What is cool about being suspended in a metal box thousands of feet above the ground where you could possibly plummet to your death? And Adrian LOVES heights. She went parasailing when she was 7 and wants to go sky diving this year. Yikes. 
  10. Adrian has a dog named Boyfriend and Liz has a dog named Roo. 
  11. We've only roped in town together twice. But we want to change that and start team-roping together this year! The Goemmer girls are our inspiration! :) 
Here are the questions we were asked! (Liz answered these)

  1. Favorite horse/dog/or cat? My favorite horse would have to be Albert, my Colonel Freckles horse I have now. My dad gave him to me when I was 15, he had bucked a guy off and broke his back and we really clicked. I love roping off of him, and I can always trust him with little kids. 
  2. What was your first car/truck? My first truck was a 1997 F-250 with a 460 gas was so expensive to drive but I loved it!! I named it The Sexy Beast. It was passed down to Adrian and now our mums drives it! The heater doesn't work any more but it still runs good. 
  3. Are you a neat freak or a pack rat? Pack rat :) The house can be messy, but I want it to be semi-clean! 
  4. What color are the tops of your favorite pair of boots? I don't have them any more, but they're still my favorite. They were Olathes and the tops were bright yellow!!! 
  5. Favorite Disney Cartoon? Tom and Jerry. 
  6. What was your high school mascot? I was home schooled so I didn't have one!!! 
  7. Favorite dinner meal? Ohhh this is a hard one!! Either pizza, or steak, twice-baked potatoes and cheesy cauliflower, finished with creme brulee!! Yum!! 
  8. What is the brand of your favorite pair of jeans? They're the old originals from Cruel Girl. They don't make them like that anymore so Adrian found them for me on eBay! 
  9. Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise! I do a happy dance every morning! :) 
  10. What picture is on the background of your computer right now? A very grainy cell phone pic taken at the Californios last year of me, Adrian and Emily! 
Here Are Our Nominees! 

I was going to nominate Emily and Mindy but no tag backs are allowed!! Darn you guys! :) 

Adrian from Adrian Buckaroogirl

Kricket and Gussie from Boots, Braids and Big Loops 

Sandy and Kimber from Roses and Sagebrush

Lacy from Rosin and Lace 

Our Questions For Nominees 

  1. Why do you blog? 
  2. Do you prefer the desert or trees? 
  3. What is your dream job? 
  4. If you rope, how old were you when you started roping? 
  5. What's your favorite candy or dessert? 
  6. Do you like to cook? 
  7. What is your most daunting/challenging goal? 
  8. Best movie quote, in your opinion? 
  9. If you could travel anywhere in the world, and money and time was no object, where would you go? 
  10. What do you find most attractive in a friend? 
  11. What makes you, YOU? 

xo xo Liz and Adrian 


  1. Very fun! It is so fun getting to know you better! Love that you are a pack rat. SO am I.

    PS. I think I nominated you too (last week) ;)

    1. Oh I'm so sorry Suzi, you did!! Thank you for that!! hehehe this is a fun post, getting to know our fellow bloggers better!! AHH!! Yes!! A fellow pack rat! :)

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I filled one out on my blog already last week but loved reading your answers! My favorite is the love for pizza, I may or may not have ate an entire little Caesar's pizza by myself once. In one sitting. Ha! Love that y'all were homeschooled too, that's one of my dreams for my children :)

    1. Yayaya another pizza lover! :) Oh good for you! I LOVED being homeschooled! Some people are just plain rude about it, but it was such a good choice for our family. I was able to take college level Latin and Algebra in highschool and not have anyone hold me back because of "the rest of the class." I was really into starting colts and had a little business going so I would wake up super early, get all my school work done and then head outside and work with my ponies! The freedom was amazing! I always think it's so neat when I meet other people who don't look down on homeschooling. :)

  3. I know where you can get more of the old style Cruel Girls besides Ebay, the Rodeo Clothes and Cowgirl Clothing Swap groups on Facebook!! All of these blogs make me want to start blogging since i have some downtime right now, its gonna be loosely based on being a misplaced buckarette in the city and my recovery from a heartbreaking divorce. I hope people will read it LOL