Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sundays Written In Code

Sundays are special to us. It’s almost as if HTML code is written into our genes that Sundays are a time to reflect, to recharge our batteries. It’s a time for introspection and realizing that there is a plan bigger than ourselves.

We all work hard during the week and while many of you in the cowboy/ranching world don’t get Sundays off…you need a particular day where you can mentally and emotionally take a break. Sunday is that day for us.

We both of us get a lot of letters from folks who think our lives are perfect. They think because we smile all the time in photos and don’t broadcast the specifics of the troubles we are going through, that we are perpetually happy and our life is easy. They think that because Adrian sings and plays an instrument, she has a cushy job. They think because we are best friends and travel together, that we never fight. They think because we’re artistic and creative, that we don’t actually have to WORK.

They don’t see the hate mail we get, and how that hurts. They don’t see the hours and the amount of sacrifice that actually goes into producing an art for the public. They don’t know about the personal horrors we’ve gone through, and believe you me, we’ve gone through them. They don’t see it, but that’s ok….because we were meant to live this life we are leading…and thankfully, our Sunday comes around every week.

We re-center ourselves. Help each other put the hurtful things in perspective. We look over how the last week went. We discuss how we can do things better, as sisters, daughters, performers, writers and humans. We re-evaluate where we’re going and how that comes through in our art…and we also take a lot of time to just be us.

You’re human, right? (Unless of course you’re a Transformer, which is one of Liz’s favorite movies cuz she’s actually a 12-year-old boy in disguise, and she’s so honored to have a robot-alien reading Buckaroo Barbie!) Anyway….you work hard. You make sacrifices for your family, your career and your health throughout the week. You go through emotional turmoil and the elation of feeling that you’re “winning” in life.
Take a day to just be you. To let it all BE…and to re-discover why you are doing the things you are doing. Make a conscious decision to re-charge your batteries and center yourself. You’ll be able to handle the challenges and the success of the coming week in a whole different way.

Oh, and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for supporting our crazy, artistic, Buckaroo Barbie selves….we’re kind of in love with all of you.

xo xo Liz and Adrian 


  1. Wow! Stunningly sage observations, I couldn't agree more.
    Keep up the good work ya'll!

  2. Hey Tyller! Thank you so much! Love it when we get input from a Gent's point of view! ;) Went and listened to your music, love it!

    xo xo Liz

  3. I absolutely love reading your posts, they are so inspiring and fun! Keep it up!

    Box L

  4. Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you get a kick out of Buckaroo Barbie, we have a blast with it! :)