Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Buckaroo Barbie's Christmas Gift Guide for The Buckaroo In Your Life

One of the most frustrating, brain-stumping, and trying parts of Christmas is trying to figure out what in the heck to get the man of your life!!! In our experience they either have everything they want already, can make everything they want…or have no imagination and so don’t know WHAT they want for Christmas!

Here are 6 ideas, one for each of the days left until Christmas…

 1. A bottle of Lagavulin Malt Whiskey  

If your man is a whiskey drinker, then he will think he has died and gone to heaven when he tries this. Lagavulin is made on the Isle of Islay and it is known for its distinctly peaty taste. Be prepared though, this will cost more than a bottle of Beam, but it’s well worth every penny.
Relationship Status Of This Gift: Serious/Married/I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU.

2. New Levi’s And A Wool Sweater

In our limited experience, men are really, really, really pleased with practical gifts. Maybe it’s because they feel like extra money hasn't been spent on needless frou-frous, or maybe it’s just because they don’t have to mess with finding and buying their jeans for the year! 
Relationship Status Of This Gift: Dating A While

3. Ernie Morris Book

Even if your man isn’t a reader, he will still love this gift. Not even kidding, this will put you on the “Very Cool” status very quickly. 
Relationship Status Of This Gift: Everything, everybody…is awesome.

4. A Wild Rag

This is the perfect gift for the buckaroo in your life, especially for this time of the year! Every time he buries his freezing cold, Rudolf the Reindeer nose in its silky embrace…he will think of you and thank his lucky stars for your thoughtfulness!
Relationship Status Of This Gift: Dating 2 Weeks, Serious, Till Death-Do-Us-Part

5. Make Him Something

In our family, we really try and make most, if not all, of our presents for each other. If you do flatwork, you could make him spur straps or slobber straps and if he doesn’t need them he could always use it as trading material, which is like money in the bank for a cowboy. If you’re a braider, braid him a really manly bracelet. Those things are really cool and kinda sexy, in our humble opinion. One year for Christmas Liz made her then-boyfriend a photo album. She stole a bunch of pictures off of Facebook and called on friends for other pictures. It was a hit. If your guy shows reining cow horses, or rides broncs for a living, why not put together an album of his shows or rodeos? Or if he’s a gear maker, make him a portfolio of his work!  
Relationship Status Of This Gift: You Are A Seriously BA Significant Other

6. Get Him A CD

You can always get him a CD to rock out to, whether he's hauling cows, dumping salt OR he could even take you for a spin around the living room. Romantic, huh? :)
Relationship Status Of This Gift: Casual Acquaintance to A Forever Love

xo xo Liz & Adrian 


  1. Liz I love it! My favorite part is the relationship status of each gift :)
    -Kricket :)

  2. Oh good, I hoped someone would chuckle about that! :) I actually thought of you for some reason while I was writing this! :) Merry Christmas, Doll!

  3. Love it! Heck, I want all this stuff!!!! My husband got me a really nice handmade wild rag last year and it was a wonderful gift... And I think I got a Plammer... Think he was trying to tell me something?LOL

    1. HAHAHA Country Cowgirl, I was kind of thinking the same thing when I was writing this....darn! I wouldn't mind these as gifts either! LOL :)

    2. Also, just wanted to say that the blog (both of them) look great! Love all the pics. I have my main blog on wordpress but would like to switch over here, however, in my un-tech-savvyness I can't quite figure this one out. Also, wondering if there's anyway to get lyrics to Adrian's Run Boys Run?

    3. Country Cowgirl, thank you so much!! Glad you like them!! I will work on getting the lyrics to you! :)

  4. I bought a "To me, From me" present and it just arrived .... Roughstock Montana Pure Malt Whiskey!!