Tuesday, December 11, 2012

8 Things To Do Before December Ends

1.   Stir your hot chocolate with a candy cane.

2.   Watch at least a couple nights of the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) and enjoy the commercials for once!

3.   Wear a stupid hat with a pom-pom, a headband with antlers or an ugly sweater to a Christmas cookie party…like we’re going to this weekend!

4.   Go for a long walk outside, and look for the beauty in the grey skies, the snow, the mud or even soggy grass. Winter weather can be annoying and make life harder, but it is only here for a season and has its own type of beauty.

5.   Keep extra change in your pocket for the Salvation Army…they do great things.

6.   Brave the spiders and the dark and hunt through your garage or attic, and pull out your Christmas books. Our favorite children’s Christmas books (that we made our mums keep), are The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry, The Mitten, The Wild Christmas Reindeer and The Hat by Jan Brett and Saint Francis and the Christmas Donkey by Robert Byrd. If you haven’t read any of these…please do, they’re the best!!

7.   Frost some Christmas cookies with a kid. If you don’t have a kid, go find one!

8.   Remember that all the beautiful wrapping, the caroling and the “Merry Christmas’s!!” aren’t what actually make it a Merry Christmas. It’s the love in our hearts, the giving and the way we treat our fellow man. For some, Christmas is an ordeal to try and get through without completely breaking down, and the absence of a loved one can be felt all the more during the holiday season. Look for those around you who may be hurting and let them know you care. All it can take is a hug, but it can mean so much!

xo xo Liz and Adrian 

Photo Credit: tumblr


  1. The Mitten is quite possibly one of the BEST Christmas stories! I'm also considering making some Christmas cookies today... thanks for the nudge! All I have to now is hunt down a kid (or wait for my 29-year-old kid at heart of a fiance to come help me frost them!)

  2. Oh That's so awesome that you've read that book!! Jan Brett is amazing :) hehehe you're finance will probably love you even more if he gets to eat the frosting!!! LOL :)