Monday, November 19, 2012

Artichoke Dip and Politics

Adrian and I are snuggled up in our own bed this evening, tea cups wobbling on the bedside table, Roo and BF at our feet and the opening strains of The Holiday coming from Adrian's computer. Family has been trickling in since yesterday and this evening we sat down to a literal feast....artichoke dip, BBQ'd baby back ribs, green beans, loaded baked potatoes and finally an apple cake that was so delicious I'm seriously thinking about waiting till everyone goes to sleep and eating the rest of it myself. Just kidding, but no, really, I'm totally serious.

The sounds of my Uncle and dad having an EXCELLENT conversation on politics occasionally makes it way through the bedroom door. I love family discussions because Brannan's really enjoy nothing more than a good old fashioned argument. It's all in good fun and in our family you are not mocked or thought that you're stupid if you have a different opinion, so everyone can completely disagree and still get up from the dinner table as friends.  I'm getting bits and pieces from the last 4 left around the table and discussing....foreign affairs....and I literally just heard my father say, "I've advised men who ordered those attacks! I KNOW they take place!" I'm laughing so hard and am so thankful because I know that before too long, this will be a memory that warms my heart. I hope that you all enjoy this week with your families and friends and take the frustrations with a grain of salt, as well as the sweetness.

Sweet dreams, dolls! Enjoy tomorrow and enjoy your life...we've only got this one.

xo xo Liz

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