Monday, October 1, 2012

Big News In Buckaroo Barbie Land...

I had planned on returning from my trip with Adrian from her show and then my amazing birthday camping/fishing/eating extravaganza week and regaling you all with stories about the fun times we had. But I have news that trumps all that and I’m going to tell you a story instead….

Once upon a time there was a little girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and could sing like a bird. She grew up with an odd, old-fashioned shaped hole in her heart, but she never really noticed because she was always singing so much.

There was once a little boy with curly, curly hair and eyes that couldn’t decide whether they were green or brown. He grew up and it was as if the languages of other people didn’t make sense to him, but he didn’t pay much attention because he was always roping so much.

One day the man with the curly hair went to a bronc ride in Texas and there was the blonde haired girl that could sing like a bird, and sing she did and she also bucked off a big old bronc. And when they met that weird old fashioned shaped hole in the girl’s heart mended itself because the man had the same shaped hole in his heart. And so they fell in love.

And once they fell in love they decided they wanted to be best friends for ever and never have to be parted anymore, so one day the man with the curly hair shined up his favorite bit and gave it to the girl that could sing like a bird and asked her to be his wife. And she said yes.

All of that was a really long, sappy way to say that my little sister Adrian fell in love and is engaged to the loveliest man in the world besides our dad…

Congrats Boone and A!!! I love you both so much!


xo xo Liz 


  1. what a great way to announce it!! congrats also to the loving couple!! Even more to plan and do now for y'all how awesome!!

  2. Beautiful, wonderful and exciting! Congratulations to them both and your family :)

  3. Thanks guys! They are so in love and so cute, it's awfully exciting! I keep saying that it feels so WEIRD and so RIGHT, all at the same time! LOL

  4. Wow, what a perfect engagement gift! Loved your story!

  5. Wasn't it lovely?! Boone told me what he wanted to do and it was the hardest secret I've ever kept from Adrian! Glad you enjoyed it! :)