Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Late Morning Jog and A Strange Todo List

I just returned from a late morning jog before I head off to church. It’s lovely because our church now has an evening service and for some reason it feels easier to make the long drive home at night then it does first thing in the morning. Sunday mornings are lazy and calm now.

I’m looking around my little house and at the calendar for the coming week and mentally preparing. My house is in that in between state, right before it tips the scale of becoming out of hand untidy, with clothes strewn about everywhere and books stacked seven high on my table. I will need to remain dedicated to my homework in order to keep up with my class’s material and I’ll have to start waking up a little bit earlier if I’m going to keep working out in the mornings and still have time for life. I’ve been working on teaching myself on how to use some computer software this last week and I feel so close to busting through and beginning to understand how the heck it works. I'm not naturally a techie, so in order to keep making progress and eventually have the design skills I dream about, I’m going to work on my software in 1-hour increments.  

Take a moment now, on your lazy, sleepy Sunday, and make some decisions about your coming week as well. Realize that everything won’t go to plan and that some things just won’t get done, no matter what you do. Mentally (well and physically) take a deep breath and prepare yourself as much as possible so that you’re making active decisions to live the life you always imagined for yourself. Make your todo list for Monday tonight and put your most important, pressing “todo” on the top and don’t stop until it’s done! And uh, for you obnoxious type A personalities like me…don’t make your list so damn long and involved that only superwoman could get it all done! You’ll feel all cranky that you didn’t get everything crossed off and really, who needs to feel cranky about a todo list?!

So now I’m going to rush off and drink enormous amounts of coffee, wash my bod and pray that my shaking legs will carry me through the day! Here’s to having a greet week, you guys! I hope you try something new this week and I hope you hold the knowledge that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and capable of anything you put your mind to with hard work and determination, like a promise to yourself, deep inside your heart.

xo xo Liz 

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