Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't Forget Sis

My best friend came back home tonight. She’s only been gone for the last couple of days but when I’m having one of THOSE days it makes the time apart seem even longer.

She took one look at me, grabbed me by the hand and drug me off for some much needed sister time. We went to an awesome little diner where she made sure to stuff me in a back booth where I wouldn’t scare the other customers by my ranting, raving, crying and consuming anything that was set in front of me like a baby dinosaur.

The waitresses gave us a wide berth.

The last few days, I’ve felt off. Lost and frustrated and completely out of my mind insane. I mean, I’m naturally insane but lately it’s been ramped up a notch. I briefly wondered yesterday if I was having a quarter life crisis. Probably not, but you never know. At least I don’t like Ferraris.

I haven’t felt completely derailed or anything major, just out of sorts really. 
Cranky and petulant like a little kid that really needs a nap and doesn’t know why it’s crying. 
Yup, that’s been me the last couple of days.

And my darling little sister, who is ridiculously insightful and wise beyond her years, let me get it all out of my system. She allowed me to laugh hysterically, jump randomly from topic to topic without any connections and bemoan my miserable self. I did notice she left a big tip for the waitress when we left. Oops.

But, by the time dinner came to an end, I was back on center. Calm, full of ideas and inspiration, peaceful and ready to tackle the coming week with a smile.

I hope you have someone in your life that you can just be “YOU” with. That lets you act insane, crazy and completely out of your mind and you don’t have to apologize for it later. They understand and get you, and all the while are quietly encouraging and leading by example. And if you don’t have that special someone in your life, I hope you go out and find one. Right now.

Time and time again it’s been shoved in my face that we mimic who our friends are. We become like them. You know the bad apple adage? It’s totally true. Who we surround ourselves with is ultimately who we become. And while my little sister may be shorter than me by a good 3 inches, I look up to her. She is the most brave person I’ve ever known. She’s suffered more tragedy in her short life than many 80 year olds have and has had the sufficient strength of character to come out of it better and stronger.
She’s not perfect by any means, but then neither am I. But she does try as hard as she can to better herself, her craft, to try and be a lady, even when she doesn’t want to and she loves me whole heartedly. We are a team and lift and support each other when the other person is acting insane…kind of like I was tonight.
So all of that was to say, I hope you had a fantastic weekend, that you feel ready to take on the coming week and that you have a best friend that loves you for all the wonderful and ridiculous things that you are.

“And one other thing friend, don’t ever forget, that I love you.”

xo xo Liz

P.S. I would just like to state for the record, that I have permission from the artist to use the name of her song as this blog heading. And if you're wondering, it's off of the Highway 80 album and it's track 11. Yeah, I cry too when I listen to it. 


  1. my friend and i both read this today and couldn't help but relate after having a total moment like your's :) great stuff right there

  2. That is so awesome to have a sister and a friend like that. Hold onto it that is VERY RARE and truly not everyone has that. How awesome and special that is!

  3. Daisy J, that's awesome...I'm so glad someone else has crazy days too :)

    ACountryCowgirl, Adrian and I are just so glad that we're friends! It's wonderful!