Saturday, July 28, 2012

Roman Ruins and Nevada Sage

I want to roll out spinach-flavored gnocchi
In my underslung cowboy boots
Clouds of flour rising from my station at a 250-year-old kitchen counter.
In the corner, a bundle of Nevada sage will hang from the rafters alongside
Hackmore cores
Bundles of chilies and garlic.

I want to leave a trail of ION dirt behind me as I
Happily stamp my way through the streets of Milan,
Cobblestones vibrating beneath my booted feet.
I want to watch the Mediterranean Sea
Kiss the Roman shore as we work wild, horned cattle.

And then I want to fly back to you
Saturated and filled to the brim with another’s history,
Songs, hopes and history
And live out my days
In the shadow lands of this California sky
Nevada sage and the kiss of memories from Italy’s green shores

xo xo Liz