Saturday, July 21, 2012

Recipe For Adventure

Take one Buckaroo Barbie. Put her up against the world.

Tell her that she is strong, intelligent, brave and beautiful.

Mix with a healthy dose of battles to sharpen her wit, strengthen her resolve, gentle her heart and keep her humble.

Add a horse or two, or five or seven, depending on how much fun she can handle.

Include family, a good friend or two and a mentor to keep her company, guide her, love her, support her and laugh with her.

Stir things up with Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. Laugh at the resulting chaos.

Smooth it all over with a thick layer of humor, mother’s wisdom and daddy’s love.

Frequently provide a full tank of diesel, a map and a bedroll and send her on her way.

Allow her to fail to keep her human and to encourage the growth of her tenacious will.

Add cattle: to increase the joy in her heart, the skill of her roping arm and her ability to scream multiple ‘slang’ variations of certain impolite words at the offending beast.

Give her a dog to comfort her when human words are not enough.

Provide her with a soundtrack so she can dance.

Flavor with home-cooked meals and good wine.  

Encourage her with people wiser, handier and kinder than she is to push her on her way, then watch her grow by introducing people with less experience and a thirsty mind that crave her company and insight. 

Set before her a truly daunting task; one that makes her quake with fear and doubt. Watch in wonder as she fights her way through it.

Sweeten her path with good books, fine art and music.

Tell her she can’t and watch her fly.

Rope up ladies…you’re in for one hell of a ride!

xo xo Liz