Friday, June 22, 2012

Who Will You Be?

Who will you be? Who do you want to be? Although they go hand in hand, one does not necessarily guarantee the other. Who you turn out to be may not necessarily be the comforting image you see yourself as in your daydreams.

How do you become the type of woman that you hope to be? You have to spend some time thinking through the character traits and habits that will make you that woman. You can’t just float along through life and hope that the decisions you are making now will deposit you on the doorstep of that dream woman. Well you could, but my guess is that you probably won’t arrive where you want. It takes conscious effort, constant revision and sometimes the painful self-examination of realizing that the path you are walking now will not lead you anywhere you want to end up.

This blog is generally a pretty clear reflector of what I am going through in my life at the time, and that’s why I bring this up. At the beginning of this year I made a pretty painful (I thought it was painful, and if you were living with me you probably were thinking the same thing!!) examination of my life to see if the way I was living at the time was healthy and taking me closer to the woman I hope to become one day. I had to make some changes and while it saddened me that for a time I strayed from the path that I had been raised on, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that there are such things as second chances.

Are you living, working, eating and breathing in a manner that is propelling you towards becoming that woman? Yes? You’re amazing and you just keep up that hard work!
No? You know what, I wasn’t either and the most painful part was realizing that, and understanding that there is no one else but you who is going to make you step up to the plate.

Get a piece a paper and write down all the qualities that you want to posses to be the woman you ultimately want to be. Is she quieter than you are now? Or does she stand up for herself by not allowing people to take advantage of her? Is she blessed with patience and forgiveness? We have to start cultivating and living those characteristics in order to be the women that we want to be. Let’s put our energies towards becoming her NOW…not tomorrow, not next week or next year. Be that woman NOW.

You will fail at times. You will act in ways so unlike the woman in your head you could become discouraged, and decide that it’s useless to continue trying. Don’t give up, you beautiful Buckaroo Barbie. You can’t learn, grow or change without some failures. You can’t decide what is going to happen to you in your life, you can only decide how you are going to respond to what happens to you.

Get inspired. And start becoming her now.

xo xo Liz


  1. I love your blog, and I love this post!

  2. I definitely needed to read this post :) thank you for being an inspiration!

  3. Wonderful writing! I'm super drawn to this post because today I registered for college courses (Hellooooo taking Horse Show Team as a class) after dropping out of high school 3 years ago. I'm finally on my way to becoming the woman I want to be. This was very encouraging and really hit home, as I think about what you've written quite often. Keep up the awesomeness!

  4. Oh I am so glad you guys liked this! Thank you! hat is off to you for returning to school! It's so much harder when you've had a break from it, but I'm so proud of you for doing the tough thing. Way to go woman! Love to hear how it's going this Fall if you're interested in sharing :)