Friday, May 4, 2012

Sleepy Heads

Adrian and I are cozied up in a hotel room in Fallon, NV tonight. I’m switching between writing and reading and Adrian decided to change her guitar strings and is now practicing for a gig tomorrow night. I feel bad for the construction workers all around us…bet they didn’t know they were paying for a show and a room for the night!

My sister was extremely sweet and humored me by coming out here a day early so that I could watch a clinic. She’s pretty awesome like that.

I have so much more to write but right now I’m sleepy and my eyelids won’t cooperate…I hope that your weekend is full of ropes and rawhide and colts and dirt and kids and cows and silver and good food.

xo xo Liz 


  1. Hey Liz, I read your profile in our latest copy of western horsemen! Great Feature...didn't know you spent time in the show-me state. Was just curious where abouts?

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! Yup, my great-grandpa who lived there needed family at the end and it was amazing getting to be with him. We lived south of Nixa.