Monday, May 21, 2012

Green Poly Ropes

Summer’s coming on.
It makes me think of...

Green poly ropes and men’s cologne.

Birthday cake in cowcamp, sent out by mom.

No clean socks. Ever.

A cooler of beer and maybe a Gatorade or two on the back of the company pickup.

Babies tied securely into cradle boards, gazing solemnly at one another across the stands at a rodeo.

That old blue heeler, lying in the dirt next to his feed pan, protecting his food from the magpies.

A dressing table that holds faded pictures of family, a town and work wrist-watch and a .45

The way that colt turns that makes you think he’s ready for his first show in town.

Hot rope running through a gloved hand.

Coming home from work, brushing the dirt outta your hair, jumping into clean jeans and running out the door to drive 2 hours to go eat a burger. With fries.

Summer is almost here, make it the best one yet.

xo xo Liz


  1. Just found your site...very cute and something I can relate to.
    Love your header pic too..very beautiful!
    Cannot wait to read your book!!