Monday, April 16, 2012

Freckles and Sunflowers

She came back from a weekend on the desert…sunburnt, wind-chapped and a sunflower in her hat.

Armed with crazy, confusing directions that only a cowboy can give, she successfully bumped into cow camp in the middle of the night, leaving 15 credits and professors behind for the weekend. 

It was 3am every morning and eyelashes gritty with dust. Bangs vaccinating heifers and learning how to rope like a man. Shivering cold at night and sharing a bathroom with three men.

It was meeting his mom and playing cards late at night. Calves are cute and running errands in town for the boys. Copenhagen and papers from the vet rank of equal importance.

It was gathering and sorting cows, and laughing and maybe fighting. It was having margaritas at lunch and falling off her horse.

It was the same pants and wool sweater three days in a row and homework late at night. “Stay one more night please” and baking cookies and working in the saddle shop.

Truck coughs back to life and reluctantly bounces back down the dirt, another weekend over. It was away from the cowboy and cows and sage and dirt and back to another week of classes.

She returned from a weekend on the desert…sunburnt, wind-chapped and a sunflower in her hat.

 xo xo Liz 


  1. Fantastic scensory details once again, Liz!! You really know how to paint a picture with words :) Now of course I have to this a recent adventure? Who's the man???


  2. Thanks so much you guys!
    Jolyn, it really means so much that you like this! Thank you for the encouragement! This was a recent adventure, but it wasn't mine. A friend went to visit her man and after hearing about some of her adventures I wrote this!