Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sicky Saturday

Today is going to be referred to from now on as Sicky Saturday.
Adrian managed to get sick AGAIN. I am pushing Emergen-C packs on her like tequila shots on someone’s 21st birthday. Hopefully it works.

Seeing that A is sick and it’s rainy and well, JUST BECAUSE, we’re having a major movie moment today.

Here’s our list so far. Get yourselves out to the nearest movie store if you don’t already own them and watch as soon as possible.


Rodeo Girl

Katherine Ross and Bo Hopkins star in basically the best movie ever. 1980’s style, cars and well Katherine Ross. The riding is sometimes terrible but that’s the price you pay. You really can’t beat the story line. Cowgirl Sammy Garrett is married to a champion and bull rider and begins competing in women’s rodeos with her team roping partner J.R. Patterson. She also starts riding bareback horses. It’s basically the best movie ever according to Adrian and I. But I already said that. Just promise you’ll watch it, OK?

Honeysuckle Rose

Willie Nelson and Dyan Cannon are husband and wife in another 1980’s classic. If you like going on the road, partying , Texas and Willie Nelson then you’ll love Honeysuckle Rose.


Disney’s interpretation of the classic fairytale with Mandy Moore as the voice as Rapunzel.  For some reason I find this movie hysterically funny. I watched it by myself the other evening and I was horrified when I realized that I had sung along with every song and laughed until I cried. And did I mention that I was by myself? There’s a horse called Maximus. He’s fat and funny. I want him.

Do you ladies have any recommendations for good western/rodeo movies? Besides 8 Seconds of course….we’re watching that next. J

xo xo Liz


  1. Don't forget the Gilley's Classic "Urban Cowboy!"

  2. Caseys Shadow-made in mid 70s.About a broke cajun who trained on brush tracks,ended up with a hot colt due to stolen semen(pre DNA days!)They raised the dogie colt on his kid Caseys pony.They win the ALL AMERICAN futurity when it paid 1 million to winner.

  3. I'll have to go find Rodeo Girl! I have never heard of it.. :l!