Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wouldn't You Know

I didn’t used to be a procrastinator. It’s this new thing I morphed into last semester.

The old me would have assignments tied up, written and printed out several days before they were due.

Not so anymore…say an assignment’s due at 11:30pm, you can find me at 10pm scrambling to finish the work in time.

In case any of you aren’t as good at procrastinating as I have recently become…here’s some activities you can try to practice and maybe you will some day be able to attain the level that I have reached. Doubtful though….

*Read your favorite blogs. I mean come on! Us writers need our inspiration too!

*Examine your feet in disgust and decide that you really need a pedicure. Decide to procrastinate on this as well….

*Put a mud mask on all over your back, face and neck. Laugh when the dogs run away in fright.

*Take shower to wash off green mud mask that has now tightened and constricted so much that you fear ever getting it off and remaining the scary swamp creature you have become for all eternity.  

*Check your phone to see if anyone has texted you. They haven’t. Sob that no one loves you. Also, if you live somewhere you don’t get cell service, spend time and frustrate yourself looking for all the different spots that MIGHT have service.

*Fold your socks.

*Work on your Christmas presents…way more fun!!

*Clean your already sparkling house. 

*Write a blog on procrastinating….sigh. Didn’t help at all.

I’m gonna go and actually finish all this stuff….really.

 xo xo Liz