Thursday, May 5, 2011

She Loved Me First

Mom. Mother. The Mums. Mommy.

Friend. Confident. Wiper of tears and kisser of cuts.

Teacher. Partner in Crime. Best Cook EVER.

Beautiful. Missed. Infuriating.

The One Who Taught Me to Ride. Stealer of every single one of my eyelash curlers.  Hater of Television. Listener of Classical Music. Biggest Prankster in Whole World.

Mother's Day is coming up and Sunday will be here before you even know it! What to get our mom is always a huge deal at our house. My family is notorious for using any excuse possible to buy each other gifts...we all of us are horrible at waiting until the proper date to give said gift. Here's some ideas I found whilst snooping around....

Vogt jewelry is always a good idea in any circumstance....birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and for you men reading this....begging for forgiveness gifts....just an idea :)

A pretty straw purse is perfect for the upcoming Summer weather.

The pink tinge on this .357 Ruger makes me want to do a happy dance...something that is normally reserved for special my horses not throwing the new set of shoes I just tacked on. Just saying. The Mums won her own version of this little cutie in a handgun competition and she adores it.

This is a fantastic cookbook and the photography is great! The way Ree writes is pretty hysterical as well....get this and make a pact to cook through the whole thing with your mom!

Anderson Beans. Enough said.

My beautiful friend and teacher to this day. Love you mums and thank you for everything you've taught me and everything you sacrificed for me through the years.

xo xo Liz

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