Friday, March 4, 2011


I have a confession.....I kinda have an obsession with hair. Part of it, I believe, is cultural, and maybe the other part is just who I am.
I love how the cowboy world makes these strong women, Buckaroo Barbies, leathered by a lifetime of hard work spent outside and then have this MANE of gorgeous long hair!
It's beautiful to see women who are so amazingly strong and tuff, proudly showing off this blatant aspect of their feminity. Love, love, love being a woman...don't you? Hope you're having a fantastic weekend and that you're spending it with someone who counts.
xo xo Liz

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  1. I actually get to read on a computer for once! Well put idea, now if I can only get mine grown back to where it was before that really bad hair cut....