Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swingin Saturday, Sleepy Sunday

First off, let me set you straight on what makes a Buckaroo
Barbie. This is not a degrading, you’re so stupid you’re plastic term; it’s a
tongue in cheek, spicy way of describing cowboy girls who also love being a
woman.  A Buckaroo Barbie can gather and
brand all day, shoe two horses after work and then change and go to town
looking like a beautiful, glam lady.  A
Buckaroo Barbie doesn’t have to prove to the men that she’s working with that
she can out work, out ride or out rope them because she’s a woman….she knows
she’s a girl and is totally ok with working with the men as a woman. Being a
Buckaroo Barbie means you’re confident in your skills as a horseman, with
cattle and your character as a WOMAN. God made you a girl….now go out there and
enjoy it!

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  1. I know im pretty late at commenting here, but I just found out about your blog! Which by the way I love! I too was raised on a ranch in northern california, and now go to school in NE Oregon. When I moved up here it was incredibly frustrating because so many people looked down on me just for being from CA. And even when I proved I wasn't a city girl that's still how they looked at me. But what I love about you and your sister is how handy you both are, yet how you still completely recognize that you're beautiful girls! Soo many cowboy girls forget that and in my mind lose the girl part, which is just sad. So way to go girls!

    Love it